Say It With A Hug.

And What Better Hug Than One From Heaven... ♡

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A Hug from the Heart - Unveiling your Heavenly Hug

Your heavenly hug is a unique huggable heart-shaped plush that brings comfort and joy like never before. We offer a bespoke service to create a personalised audio message for your plush.

Our team of experts ensures the audio is beautifully edited, enhancing the sound quality, and adding music if desired.

Cherish the memories and let the your heavenly hug provide solace in times of need. Place your order now and bring the embrace of your loved ones closer than ever.

Embrace the Benefits

Eternal Memories

Carry the voice of your departed loved ones, preserving their presence and creating a lasting connection.

Comforting Embrace

Experience the soothing touch of a warm, huggable plush that brings solace in times of longing.

Personalized Tributes

Create heartfelt tributes by choosing the words, phrases, or their favourite songs to be recorded in the plush.

Tangible Connection

Feel the love and presence of your loved ones as you squeeze the Heavenly Hug and hear their familiar voice.

Emotional Healing

Find solace, peace, and comfort knowing that their words of wisdom, love, and guidance are always within reach.

Supporting Mental Health

With each purchase, a donation will be made to mental health awareness charities and bereavement support groups.

Bringing Loved Ones Closer Than Ever Before

Steps to your Personalised Hug Delivery

Heavenly Hugs

Exceptional Service and Comfort

Embrace the Love, Cherish the Memories

At Hugs from Heaven  we understand the pain of losing a loved one. Our mission is to bring comfort and healing through the power of their voices. With each Heavenly Hug, we embrace you in a warm and heartfelt hug that transcends time and distance. Feel their love, hear their laughter, and let their presence provide solace during the most challenging moments. Allow Heavenly Hug to be your companion on this emotional journey, reminding you that love never truly fades away.


What Our Customers Say

Heartfelt Words of Comfort and Connection: Hear what our customers say about us.

Tears of joy! Impeccable audio quality and softness of the plush. Hugs From Heaven creates cherished memories.
Liam Murphy
Guiding light in my healing journey. Hugs From Heaven's meditation sessions bring inner peace.
Sarah Byrne
A priceless gift, hearing my mother's voice whenever I need it. Hugs From Heaven brings immense comfort.
Emily O'Sullivan

Embrace the Heavenly Hug Today

Allow the Heavenly Hug to uplift your spirit, bring comfort to your soul, and keep your loved ones close. Our personalized plush holds the key to cherished memories and offers a touch of love from above. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary experience. Order your Heavenly Hug now and let it transform your journey of healing and remembrance.